About Us


How It Started

Elle's Island Style Marinades began as a passion for cooking and entertaining for our family and friends with food. Never did we imagine that it could lead to anything more than a bunch of satisfied tummies. 

Over time, we began to cook for more people outside of our circle and eventually our BBQ became a staple (and request) for every gathering we attended. Our family and friends would constantly urge us to do something with this concoction we had but we honestly thought they were just being too kind. 


Why It Started

It wasn't until the birth of our daughter Elle that we realized we wanted more out of life. We always dreamt of owning our business but never had the courage to take the leap.  But as we grew tired of not having enough work life balance and doing work we had no passion for, we decided it was time for a change. In our case, it was more than one change. With much fear and hesitation, we decided to quit our jobs and focus on our business full time.


When It Started

Here in Maui, we found that many of the ingredients we used for our marinade were found right here in Hawaii! We became inspired and took that as a sign (or nudge really) and decided with the help of family and friends to turn this dream into a reality. We debuted Elle's Island Style Marinade at the 2016 Made in Maui County Festival and sold out within a few hours!  

The journey since then has been nothing short of challenging, exciting yet scary.  Since it all started with Elle, we realized it was only appropriate to dedicate all of this to her.